Sustee Watering Checker Refills – Pack of 2

This is a set of 2 replacement inserts for Sustee watering sticks.

  • Easy to replace core refills, just twist off cap – remove used core – insert new core and replace cap
  • Core displays blue colour when the plant has enough water and fades to white when it is time to water
  • Replace core every 6-9 months for best results
  • Each order comes in a set of two (2)

This product contains replacement inserts! Does not include the White Sustee (for display purposes only). For Sustee watering checkers click here.


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Sustee Watering Checker for your plants (size L)

Do you often wonder if you water your plants enough? Do you sometimes think you water too much or not enough?

We have the solution!

With the ingenious Sustee, you'll know when your plants need watering, and you know that a well-watered plant is a healthy plant!

Simply plant the Sustee in the soil next to your potted plant, then water your plant, and observe the colour of the Sustee: if it turns blue, then your plant is sufficiently moist, but if it turns white, then it is running out of water and needs watering!

So how does it work? The Sustee will measure the pF of your soil and inform you when it is not optimal to grow your plant in the best possible way!

Child's play, isn't it? And this tool works autonomously, so there's no need to recharge its battery! Sustee size L is ideal for plants planted in a pot with a diameter between 18 and 36cm.

We also offer refills in packs of 2 for your Sustee (needed after 6-9 months of use).


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Complete Organic Plant Food - 50ml

Small but mighty, this 50ml bottle contains all the plant nutrients your plant buddies could ask for. Made of 100% organic sugar beets, it’s completely plant-based and a personal favourite of ours when it comes to boosting growth. 

Whether you’re growing cuttings in water or looking to boost your soil-based plants, this is the plant food you’ve been looking for. We’ve tried and tested many options and landed on this organic formula. It comes in a compact  glass bottle with an eyedropper.

Using this liquid all-purpose plant food stimulates growth, gives them support and builds immunity. All you need is just 1 drop per 250ml of water per week for your plants growing in water. Growing them in soil instead? Just double the dose. It’s like organic plant magic. Do you have a big plant family? We also have a bigger 450ml bottle available.

Ordering this as a gift ? We’ve got a free gift label option or a premium wrapping option for you.

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This product is not made by us at Botanopia, but by Sustee in Japan. We think it’s so useful that we added it to our collection of tools for plant lovers.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 29,5 × 3 × 1 cm


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8 reviews for Sustee Watering Checker Refills – Pack of 2

  1. English

    Sophie Engel (verified owner)

    Die Einsätze sind leicht anzubringen und funktionieren bei mir gut

  2. English

    Isabella J (verified owner)

    Really glad I didn’t have to buy the Sustee all over! Thank you for giving us these refills. Saves plastic and is good for the environment 🙂

  3. English

    Lotte Müller (verified owner)

    Schön, dass man sie nachfüllen kann, das spart eine Menge Plastik.

  4. English

    Mira Barnes (verified owner)

    Super easy to Refill my water checkers! Thanks!

  5. English

    Simon Kaiser (verified owner)

    Das ich ein Nachfüllpack kaufe, sagt bestimmt schon genug 😉

  6. English

    Jenny Veenstra (verified owner)

    Ik ben grootgebruiker van de sustee, heel fijn dat je ze kunt navullen, dat scheelt veel plastic afval.

  7. English

    Lisa Clarke (verified owner)

    These are perfect and last so long!

  8. English

    Maisie (verified owner)


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