The Good Snips – Bonsai pruning shears

These little bonsai snips are perfect for all kinds of pruning and cutting activities in the garden and around the home.

The sharp blades are made of carbon steel.

  • – Ergonomic handle, fits well in the palm of your hand.
  • – Unique design: the original shapes of the pruning shears stands out. These snips are unlikely to be stolen erm,”borrowed” for other non-gardening activities. Like all your other scissors are. You’ll always have them in your plant toolbox.
  • – Accurate: the precision tip of the blades is ideal for pruning leaves, but also for sewing threads and other household cutting needs
  • – Easy to store: very compact design.
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Complete Organic Plant Food - 50ml

Small but mighty, this 50ml bottle contains all the plant nutrients your plant buddies could ask for. Made of 100% organic sugar beets, it’s completely plant-based and a personal favourite of ours when it comes to boosting growth. 

Whether you’re growing cuttings in water or looking to boost your soil-based plants, this is the plant food you’ve been looking for. We’ve tried and tested many options and landed on this organic formula. It comes in a compact  glass bottle with an eyedropper.

Using this liquid all-purpose plant food stimulates growth, gives them support and builds immunity. All you need is just 1 drop per 250ml of water per week for your plants growing in water. Growing them in soil instead? Just double the dose. It’s like organic plant magic. Do you have a big plant family? We also have a bigger 450ml bottle available.

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The Classic Hand Trowel - Stainless Steel blade with wooden handle

This is the only hand trowel you'll ever need.

It's a very sturdy, high-quality tool made of stainless steel (so it will not rust), with a comfortable wooden handle. It's perfect for a variety of tasks such as repotting but also for planting seeds, bulbs, and smaller plants. Use it for digging, weeding, loosening soil, aerating or transplanting plants.

  • Ergonomic handle, that provides good grip and comfort, made of wood.
  • Durable and sturdy: the stainless steel is very sturdy, will not bend or rust and is easy to clean.
  • Accurate: the blade of the trowel is engraved with the gradation in cm and inches, to help you plant at the correct depth for your chosen variety.
  • Easy to store: the hanging hole and little strap make it easy to store and hang it anywhere.


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You’ll feel like a gardening ninja with these cute bonsai pruning shears.

The design is inspired by traditional Japanese snips. The carbon steel blades are very precise. Perfect for shaping your plants or taking cuttings.

It also makes a perfect add-on gift for any plant lover. Get one for yourself and one for a friend!

Keep them sharp and rust-free: wipe them after use with a little bit of vegetable oil on a rag.

Total length : 10,5 cm (4.13 in)

Additional information

Volumetric Weight 90 g
Dimensions 105 × 75 × 1 cm


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  1. American

    Erin Patel (verified owner)

    love them, super sharp and precise. I feel like a gardening ninja 🙂

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