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How to grow your avocado pit

Here’s a quick tutorial to teach you how we germinate our avocado pits.

Watch the 1-minute video to learn the super easy method, using supplies you already have in your kitchen.

Here’s some extra info to help you succeed:

Work with clean hands.

You don’t want to introduce extra bacteria in your baggie. They’ll love the moist and warm conditions too and will proliferate fast. If you notice a vinegary smell when you check on the inside of your baggie… it’s too late. You can better start over.

Keep it warm

The temperature is an important factor. Keep your baggie at around 25°C for the fastest results. Look for a spot in your house that’s consistently cozy & warm. Next to your furnace or hot water boiler is a good choice.

Don’t let it dry out

Peek inside the baggie from time to time, to check if the paper towel is still moist. If not, add a little water to keep things steamy in there.

It doesn’t really matter whether you keep the bag in the dark or in daylight. Heat and moisture are the 2 most important factors.

Did you successfully germinate your pit?

If you want to know (a lot) more about the next steps, click here for our ultimate guide to grow an avocado plant.


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