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How to germinate almonds and grow them into little almond plants

Botanopia how to germinate almonds in water
Botanopia how to germinate almonds in water
Botanopia how to germinate almonds in water

Here’s a quick tutorial to teach you how we germinate almonds in water to grow them into little plants.

Watch the 1-minute video to learn the super easy method, using supplies you already have in your kitchen.

The best things to do the job:

Here’s some extra info to help you succeed:

Use almonds in the shell.

This way you can ensure the almonds have not been processed and still have the potential to germinate. Carefully crack the shells open so you don’t break the seeds inside.

Keep mold off

Almonds are sensitive to mold. That’s why its important to rinse them 2x per day and let them drain. If your seeds develop mold, wipe them off gently with diluted hydrogen peroxide.

Botanopia how to grow almonds in water
Botanopia how to grow almonds into plants
Botanopia how to grow almonds into almond trees

Are you nuts about nuts?

The same technique will also work on peanuts. Did you know peanuts are not nuts but legumes?

Did you successfully sprout your almond?

Time to set it up on water, to grow further. The perfect tool for the job is a porcelain germination plate. It will keep the seed dry and will make your little floating forest look amazing.

Already a pro at growing almonds?

What’s your next challenge? Here’s lots of ideas for other plants and seeds to try next.

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