The Classic Hand Trowel – Stainless Steel blade with wooden handle

This is the only hand trowel you’ll ever need.

It’s a very sturdy, high-quality tool made of stainless steel (so it will not rust), with a comfortable wooden handle. It’s perfect for a variety of tasks such as repotting but also for planting seeds, bulbs, and smaller plants. Use it for digging, weeding, loosening soil, aerating or transplanting plants.

  • Ergonomic handle, that provides good grip and comfort, made of wood.
  • Durable and sturdy: the stainless steel is very sturdy, will not bend or rust and is easy to clean.
  • Accurate: the blade of the trowel is engraved with the gradation in cm and inches, to help you plant at the correct depth for your chosen variety.
  • Easy to store: the hanging hole and little strap make it easy to store and hang it anywhere.


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Neem Oil, ready to mix, 100ml

Having plant issues? This tree oil may be the solution. It comes from Azadirachta indica, a tree native to South Asia and is an all natural way to prevent and treat fungus issues, bacteria and insects. 

Neem oil is extracted from the seeds of the tropical neem tree. By using a cold press extraction method, all active properties of the tree are maintained. The oil is then bottled with Rimulgan (made from caster oil) and peppermint essential oil to create an effective and easy to use neem oil for plants.

All our liquid products are packed in amber glass bottles for an elegant look. This is a 100 ml bottle is enough to create 10 L of protective plant spray, once mixed with water. We’ve included a practical measuring cup. Use a plant mister to apply the mixture to the soil and leaves of your plants. Don’t spray it on your leaves when they are in direct sunlight.

Neem oil is a good natural way to keep unwanted insects at bay, so they don’t disrupt the growth of your plants.

It can also be used to fight fungus like mould, mildew or blight and bacteria like fire blights.

Complete Organic Plant Food - 50ml

Small but mighty, this 50ml bottle contains all the plant nutrients your plant buddies could ask for. Made of 100% organic sugar beets, it’s completely plant-based and a personal favourite of ours when it comes to boosting growth. 

Whether you’re growing cuttings in water or looking to boost your soil-based plants, this is the plant food you’ve been looking for. We’ve tried and tested many options and landed on this organic formula. It comes in a compact  glass bottle with an eyedropper.

Using this liquid all-purpose plant food stimulates growth, gives them support and builds immunity. All you need is just 1 drop per 250ml of water per week for your plants growing in water. Growing them in soil instead? Just double the dose. It’s like organic plant magic. Do you have a big plant family? We also have a bigger 450ml bottle available.


Life is too short to waste time on poor quality tools.

Save yourself the hassle and invest in a high-quality hand trowel to make all your gardening tasks a breeze. This hand stainless steel trowel is comfortable, durable and versatile. It’s also easy to clean and hang up when you’re done gardening.

Additional information

Volumetric Weight 165 g
Dimensions 30 × 7 × 6 cm


Country of Origin


Material of the strap


3 reviews for The Classic Hand Trowel – Stainless Steel blade with wooden handle

  1. English

    A. Rowey (verified owner)

    Better quality than expected. Nice and sturdy wood and steel. Good grip and digs easily into the soil

  2. English

    Jérémy (verified owner)

    Super qualité, bien confortable en main avec une lame bien solide ( pas comme celle que j’ai achetée 5 balles l’année dernière chez jardiland, mais qui est déjà tordue, rouillée et bonne à jeter…)

  3. English

    Patricia B. (verified owner)

    Très bien

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