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SOS Plant Kit – Saving Sick Plants, One Leaf at a Time

The kit contains:

– 1x 50ml bottle of Neem Oil, ready to mix

– 1x 250ml glass spray bottle to fill with your neem oil leaf spray

– 1x pair of microfiber leaf love gloves

– 4x fly traps stems + 16 yellow sticky trap “leaves”

– 1x magnifying glass

– 1x tweezers

– A detailed guide with our best tips to take care of your plants.

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Introducing the SOS Plant Kit: your emergency toolbox for those times when your leafy friends are looking less than lush. We understand that even with the best care, sometimes our plant pals can run into trouble. That’s why we’ve curated the SOS Plant Kit, a first-aid kit designed specifically for sickly plants, to help you diagnose, treat, and pamper your indoor garden back to robust health.

Here’s what you’ll find inside, to help you turn those plant woes into plant wows:

  • 1x 50ml Bottle of Neem Oil, Ready to Mix: A natural remedy for a variety of plant woes, from pests to fungi. Just mix with water in the included spray bottle, and you’re ready to defend your plants.
  • 1x 250ml Glass Spray Bottle: Fill with your neem oil mixture for an easy, eco-friendly way to apply this leaf-saving spray.
  • 1x Pair of Microfiber Leaf Love Gloves: Gently clean and care for your plants’ leaves, removing dust and pests without damaging delicate surfaces.
  • 4x Fly Trap Stems + 16 Yellow Sticky Trap “Leaves”: Say goodbye to gnats and other flying pests with these discreet yet effective traps.
  • 1x Magnifying Glass: Get up close and personal with your plants to spot early signs of distress.
  • 1x Tweezers: For delicate operations, like removing pests or dealing with prickly cacti.
  • A Detailed Guide with Our Best Tips: Your handbook for reviving and maintaining the health of your plants, packed with expert advice.

While our Plant Care Kit is designed to keep your healthy plants thriving and showing their love, the SOS Plant Kit is here to rescue and rehabilitate those that are struggling. Both kits share the philosophy of providing tender, loving care to your indoor garden, but the SOS Plant Kit takes a more targeted approach to healing and recovery.

Your SOS Plant Kit comes in a vibrant, life-affirming green and gold gift box, making it not only a practical companion for any plant enthusiast but also a thoughtful gift for anyone looking to restore or maintain the vitality of their indoor jungle.

Whether you’re a seasoned plant parent facing an unexpected challenge or a newbie looking to keep your green friends in peak condition, the SOS Plant Kit is here to support you every step of the way. Let’s bring those plants back to life, together!

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