Porcelain Germination & Propagation Plate size L

It’s time to grow your indoor garden! Use this handmade porcelain germination & propagation plate in size L to transform your glassware into a growing site for your seedlings. Let’s create some new life. 

This design fully supports your adventures into the process of growing new plant life in a beautiful way. Simply place the elegant porcelain propagation cone on any glass or jar and place your pit or bulb on top. The plate will keep it comfortably hovering above the water while the roots make their way down for growth.

This Botanopia original product is made of porcelain to make it highly durable and easily reusable. Dishwasher proof, easy to clean and handmade in a small ceramics studio in the Czech Republic. We’ll send it out in a beautiful black gift box, detailed instructions for germination and propagation are included to get you started right away.

This size prop plate is perfect for regrowth of your otherwise discarded mango pits or avocado pits, showcasing your cacti or even helping your flower bulbs flourish. Order size S if you want to grow smaller seeds like acorns and almonds.

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Small but mighty, this 50ml bottle contains all the plant nutrients your plant buddies could ask for. Made of 100% organic sugar beets, it’s completely plant-based and a personal favourite of ours when it comes to boosting growth. 

Whether you’re growing cuttings in water or looking to boost your soil-based plants, this is the plant food you’ve been looking for. We’ve tried and tested many options and landed on this organic formula. It comes in a compact  glass bottle with an eyedropper.

Using this liquid all-purpose plant food stimulates growth, gives them support and builds immunity. All you need is just 1 drop per 250ml of water per week for your plants growing in water. Growing them in soil instead? Just double the dose. It’s like organic plant magic. Do you have a big plant family? We also have a bigger 450ml bottle available.

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Porcelain Germination & Propagation Plate size S

You can never have too many plants. Cherish your favorite plants by growing their babies with the help of this porcelain germination & propagation plate in size S. Soon your cuttings will be all grown up and ready for you to repot them.

Use this propagation cone to get a front row seat to nature’s show of growth. Grab a glass or jar and fill it with water before placing the plate and resting your seed on top. Make sure to refresh the water regularly and check if the roots are dipping their toes in for optimal growth. The seed or plant stays dry above the germination plate, to avoid dreaded rotting issues.

We designed the germination plate to be simple and durable, made from white porcelain. It’s crafted in a small ceramics studio located in the Czech Republic, it will soon become your favorite item in your plant growing tool kit.

The size of this propagation plate is perfect for a variety of smaller seeds like acorns and chestnuts. Also available in size L which is perfect for your bigger cacti, cuttings, flower bulbs, avocado or mango pits and more.


Using a propagation plate

Propagating cuttings of your favorite plants is a really fun and affordable way to fill your house with plants. All it takes is a little patience as you wait for the roots to grow. We’ve made a step-by-step video on propagating many different plants here. You can also have a look at this video (in the video tab) to see all the plants you can grow on your size L prop cone. Time to start growing a large variety of original plants and flowers at home!

Showcase your plants

After growing the roots of your seeds or plants you can repot them and free up your plate to start the growing process all over again. You can also choose to keep growing the plants in water, on your propagation set-up, allowing you to admire the greenery magic in real time. Use the prop plate to showcase your succulents and cacti for an original way to decorate your space.

Features of our prop cone

– Made of porcelain. Highly durable material that will last.

– Dishwasher proof. Easy to clean.

– Mix and match: your propagation plate fits on almost any glass or jar. A great way to upcycle your glass containers.

– Also available in size S, to grow your smaller seeds.

Additional information

Weight 305 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3 cm


Country of Origin

Czech Republic

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15 reviews for Porcelain Germination & Propagation Plate size L

  1. English

    Peter (verified owner)

    Works as promised

  2. English

    P. Schließmann (verified owner)


  3. English

    Maureen Wartena (verified owner)

    Ja ja ja eindelijk gelukt om een avocado te kweken met deze schotel en goede instructies! Ik ben een trotse avocadomama!

  4. English

    Denise (verified owner)

    Les instructions m’ont beaucoup aidé et j’adore regarder mon noyau d’avocat pousser avec ses racines dans l’eau.

  5. English

    Arwen L. (verified owner)

    Werkt goed ik gebruik het voor een mangopit

  6. English

    Mariette (verified owner)

    C’est original de voir les racines de ses plantes pousser dans l’eau au lieu de la terre, j’adore

  7. English

    Evy van Hoesel (verified owner)

    De schotel is zo simpel maar toch een uitvinding voor mij. Ik heb er nu 5, dat zegt genoeg over mijn plantenverslaving. Erg leuk en staat mooi zo in water. Ik heb het ook al 3 keer cadeau gegeven aan vriendinen en ik kreeg lovende reacties. Doosje is prachtig, en de video tutorials zijn top.

  8. English

    Helen Harris (verified owner)

    Really great product and the instructional video really helped me understand the process! I’ll maybe add them to my holiday gift selection

  9. English

    Sina F. (verified owner)

    Habe mir direkt drei bestellt, da die Versandkosten etwas hoch sind. Es hat sich vollkommen gelohnt. Meine erste Avocado sitzt schon im Wasser und einen kleinen Walnussbaum habe ich auch. Schönes Produkt!

  10. English

    Ella C. (verified owner)

    Ik ben net begonnen, dus nog niet lang in gebruik, maar tot nu toe gaat het fantastich. Ik heb de instructies uit het boekje gevolgd voor een avocado. Ik heb nu al wortels en een klein steeltje, straks bladeren hoop ik! Blij mee

  11. English

    Bettina Wulf (verified owner)

    Meine Tochter versucht seit ein paar Wochen eine Avocado zu züchten und es klappt einfach nicht. Hoffentlich wird es mit der Keimplatte nun was. Der Versand war sehr schnell und die Verpackung ist auch schön.

  12. English

    Jasmine (verified owner)

    A daughter has been trying to grow an avocado for a few weeks and it just doesn’t work. Hopefully the germination plate will work now. The shipping was very fast and the packaging is also nice.

  13. English

    Zoe Wilson (verified owner)

    I can’t believe I will actually have a small mango tree! Thank you Botanopia!!!!

  14. English

    Alicia V (verified owner)

    très fière de mes petits litchis qui poussent, j’ai pris 2 coupelles, c’est très beau, instructions claires et détaillées

  15. English

    Maxence (verified owner)

    belle qualité de la porcelaine, très fin.

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