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Sustee Watering Checker for your plants (size L)

Do you often wonder if you water your plants enough? Do you sometimes think you water too much or not enough?

We have the solution!

With the ingenious Sustee, you’ll know when your plants need watering, and you know that a well-watered plant is a healthy plant!

Simply plant the Sustee in the soil next to your potted plant, then water your plant, and observe the colour of the Sustee: if it turns blue, then your plant is sufficiently moist, but if it turns white, then it is running out of water and needs watering!

So how does it work? The Sustee will measure the pF of your soil and inform you when it is not optimal to grow your plant in the best possible way!

Child’s play, isn’t it? And this tool works autonomously, so there’s no need to recharge its battery! Sustee size L is ideal for plants planted in a pot with a diameter between 18 and 36cm.

We also offer refills in packs of 2 for your Sustee (needed after 6-9 months of use).


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This product is not made by us at Botanopia, but by Sustee in Japan. We think it’s so useful that we added it to our collection of tools for plant lovers.


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Volumetric Weight 10 g
Dimensions 29,5 × 3 × 1 cm
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11 reviews for Sustee Watering Checker for your plants (size L)

  1. English

    Mathilde Wolf (verified owner)

    Sehr praktisch!

  2. English

    Emilie Simon (verified owner)

    Klappt gut und wird erneut gekauft

  3. English

    Jodie Bradford (verified owner)

    The delivery was very fast. Let’s see if the product works as promised

  4. English

    Daisy (verified owner)

    I am hopeless at keeping my plants alive 🙁 Hopefully this product will give me a chance 🙂

  5. English

    Grace Ryan (verified owner)

    I was a little worried this product wouldn’t look great in my plant pots but I was wrong! Really doesn’t bother me at all! Just wish they had coloured options 🙂

  6. English

    Jenny Veenstra (verified owner)

    Wat een uitkomst. ik was altijd zo onzeker over de hoeveel water ik aan welke plant moest geven. Ik heb heel veel planten dood laten gaan door overbewatering, of juist laten uitdrogen. Met de Sustee heb ik het weer onder controle en gaat het goed, zelfs met calatheas en Venushaar varens. Ik heb er nu een in elke “moeijelijke” plant en ben er heel blij mee.

  7. English

    Carlos P. (verified owner)

    I kept overwatering or underwatering my plants but no anymore! My plants are looking better than ever and if they could talk i’m sure they would be thanking me!

  8. English

    Mireille Lanoie (verified owner)

    Alors ça c’est l’outil qui change la vie (des plant addicts!). J’ai déjà plusieurs “détecteurs d’humidité” avec une tige métal mais qui n’ont jamais marché pour moi… Le sustee est très simple, pas de piles, pas de beep, pas de soucis. Si c’est blanc j’arrose, si c’est bleu, pas besoin d’eau. Je recommande à tous

  9. English

    Frank Thomas (verified owner)

    Der Sustee macht einen guten Eindruck. Ich kann nicht sagen, ob die Angaben richtig sind, aber bisher hat sich noch keine meiner Pflanzen beschwert 🙂

  10. English

    Lisa Kühn (verified owner)

    Eine Freundin hat mich auf das Produkt hingewiesen, da ich leider häufig meine Pflanzen übergieße oder vergesse zu gießen (bitte verurteilt mich nicht). Der Sustee hat mir echt geholfen. Allein die Tatsache, dass das weiße Stäbchen in der Erde steckt, hilft mir schon, mich ans Gießen zu erinnern. Super!

  11. English

    Charline (verified owner)

    super pratique pour les débutants en plantes comme moi

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Can SUSTEE be used for any plant?

It can be used for almost all plants that grow in soils with a certain level of moisture retention: from bog moss to gardening culture soil, Akadama soil, black earth, bark, coco peat, peat moss and vermiculite.SUSTEE is also instrumental in hydroculture, such as hydroponic cultivation and bottom watering, as well as in container vegetable gardening and roof-top open culture, to mention just a few application areas.

Watering frequency varies from one type of plant to another. Does SUSTEE work for different types of plants?

Yes, it does ! There is a beneficial soil moisture range shared by all plants.

It is called ‘available water capacity’, which works as a common denominator for moisture management for all plants, preventing them from root rot and drying up. SUSTEE helps you to water the right way to maintain this beneficial moisture range.SUSTEE’s performance, the outcome of collaboration with plant farms, has been greatly appreciated by professional plant growers.

How long does it take SUSTEE to indicate a colour change?

It depends on the amount of water given and the water retention level. The periods given below are only rough guides. With some soils it can take up to an hour. Remember to water generously when you use SUSTEE for the first time.Approximate time for colour change for the size L : 25min

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One of the following may be hindering water supply:

  1. First-time use
    Not enough water was given.

When using SUSTEE for the first time, please water generously after inserting it in the pot until water drips out into the saucer.

However, excess water in the saucer must be avoided afterwards.

  1. SUSTEE is in poor condition
    SUSTEE has a hole at its bottom for soaking up moisture.

If it gets clogged with old soil, excess roots of a root-bound plant or dirt with extremely high viscosity, SUSTEE may no longer absorb water.

This can be improved by loosening the soil before inserting in the SUSTEE device or trying a new spot for its insertion.

  1. Water drains too well to be absorbed by SUSTEE

SUSTEE has a hole at its bottom for soaking up moisture.

Water may drain too quickly in extremely grainy earth for SUSTEE to absorb, resulting in no colour change

This may be improved by pouring water mindfully over the bottom of the SUSTEE device when watering the plant.

SUSTEE turns whitish at different rates, depending on whether it is in the pot or out of the pot. Is it working properly ?

Yes it is. SUSTEE dries up at different rates, depending on where it is located. It turns white quicker when it is stuck in a pot.

Whatʻs the insertion depth of SUSTEE ?

Please insert the SUSTEE device until the Ω mark is covered.Ensure that its transpiration opening is always visible if it needs to go deeper.

How do I know when to replace the core refill?

  1. Take the SUSTEE device out and verify the opening at the bottom. If the core refill has decomposed and gone, it is time to replace it with a new one.
  2. It should be replaced when the device stops reacting, even though the core refill is not entirely gone.

After use for a long time, the device might react poorly due to soil components or other fine particles deposited onto it.

We recommend core refill replacement if SUSTEE’s reaction does not improve even after the measures described in the Operating Manual have been taken.

Where should it be inserted ?

SUSTEE should sense moisture around the plant’s roots at the bottom of a pot. So it needs to be placed close to the plant itself, within a 20 cm radius.

How do I take care of SUSTEE?

After long periods of usage SUSTEE might not react as swiftly as it should. This may be due to soil sticking to it. Mix neutral detergent with warm water and place SUSTEE upside down (the window facing downwards) in it and let it soak for about an hour. Whatever is sticking to SUSTEE should come off and dissolve this way.After cleaning let SUSTEE dry till it shows white. It can be used again after cleaning.

When should I water?

Time for watering your plants has come when the little window on SUSTEE’s top has turned white completely.

How much water should I use?

The correct amount of water is equal to a fifth to a quarter of whatever volume your pot holds. Try to water evenly.

Is it recommended to have SUSTEE show blue all the time ?

We do not recommend watering if SUSTEE shows the slightest hint of blue, but to wait until it is completely white. Although one tends to water to much, please wait until SUSTEE has turned white completely.

What do the colours blue and white indicate?

Blue: The soil is adequately hydrated, no additional water required. White: The soil is dry and watering required.

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