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Neem Oil, ready to mix, 100ml

Having plant issues? This tree oil may be the solution. It comes from Azadirachta indica, a tree native to South Asia and is an all natural way to prevent and treat fungus issues, bacteria and insects. 

Neem oil is extracted from the seeds of the tropical neem tree. By using a cold press extraction method, all active properties of the tree are maintained. The oil is then bottled with Rimulgan (made from caster oil) and peppermint essential oil to create an effective and easy to use neem oil for plants.

All our liquid products are packed in amber glass bottles for an elegant look. This is a 100 ml bottle is enough to create 10 L of protective plant spray, once mixed with water. We’ve included a practical measuring cup. Use a plant mister to apply the mixture to the soil and leaves of your plants. Don’t spray it on your leaves when they are in direct sunlight.

Neem oil is a good natural way to keep unwanted insects at bay, so they don’t disrupt the growth of your plants.

It can also be used to fight fungus like mould, mildew or blight and bacteria like fire blights.

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How to use

The perfect ratio for your water and neem oil mix is 1:100. So that means 1 ml of oil with 100 ml of water. Dilute the neem oil with water and use a plant mister to immediately spray it on the leaves and soil. Leaving the mixture in the bottle for more than a day will decrease its effectiveness, so only mix the amount you need immediately.

Gentle insect prevention

Neem oil is a well known insect repellent. It’s not a poison that kills instantly. Instead, for most insects, it will disrupt their hormones and reproductive cycle. Think of it as birth control for pests. You’ll prevent the next generation of bugs. For other insects, it works as a repellent. In both cases, the insects don’t build resistance, so it will always work for you in the future. Protect your plants from insects like thrips, mites, mealybugs, scale and aphids, but it’s also effective on mosquitoes and caterpillars. No hard feelings, just kindly saying: thanks, but no thanks to plant pests.

Why use neem oil for plants

  • – All natural. Safe for pets, organic and biodegradable.
  • – Easy to mix formula, just add water and spray.
  • – Simple. Easy treatment and prevention for fungus, bacteria, insects.
  • – Effective. Works at all stages of an insect’s life.

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8 reviews for Neem Oil, ready to mix, 100ml

  1. English

    Norman W. (verified owner)

    Bin zufrieden

  2. English

    Roberta Keller (verified owner)

    Also gut riechen tut’s nicht, aber ist ja nicht Sinn des Ganzen. Wirken tut’s und bei meinen Buchsbaum-Büsche hats geholfen.

  3. English

    Julie (verified owner)

    Das Niemöl habe ich mir präventiv zugelegt, um in der kälteren Jahreszeit meine Pflanzen zu schützen. Die Flasche hat eine angebrachte und handliche Größe und das Öl kann durch den Becher gut abgemessen werden. Ich würde das Produkt auf jeden Fall wieder kaufen, wenn alle.

  4. English

    Nadja S. (verified owner)

    Das Mittel wirkt!! Hatte fast im ganzen Haus einen Blattlausbefall und das Niemöl hat die lästigen Viecher vertrieben. Dachte schon es wäre aus mit meinen grünen Freunden. Danke! Gerne wieder!

  5. English

    Ella Fox (verified owner)

    Was looking everywhere for a non chemically based product to clear my plants from insects…Finally came across this product 🙂 So happy i can keep my plants healthy while using organic products!

  6. English

    Hannah T. (verified owner)

    The neem oil in the specified mixing ratio actually does what I expected of it. I use it for my plants and my horse. Horseflies still buzz around us, but none like to land. That’s how it should be.

  7. English

    Ruth Holmes (verified owner)

    My plants were full of mealy bugs and I thought I needed to throw them all away. My friend recommended me this product and to my surprise it works really well! YAY!

  8. English

    Conrad F (verified owner)

    Smells a little bit like hamster food but works well which is all that matters!

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