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How to propagate plants in water for more FREE plants!

Here’s some info to help you succeed:

Who doesn’t love more free plants?

Luckily it’s fairly easy to propagate (=multiply) your houseplants at home, following this technique.

Select new growth on your healthy mother plant.  In this example we’re using a big Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum), but the technique is the same for pretty much all houseplants.

Work with clean tools.

Disinfect the knife or scissors you’re using. When you cut off parts of the “mother” plant. You don’t want to introduce bacteria or mold in the wound by accident.

Just a leaf? Or also a node?

Some plants can be propagated with just a leaf (or even part of a leaf). For some plants, you will also need a node to successfully grow a new plant. It really depends on which type of plant you’re trying to grow.
Extra tricky: for plants that require a node, you will still be able to grow roots on your cutting with just a leaf. However, this rooted leaf will never produce a new stem/new leaves.

Success factors for rooting your cuttings

They’ll root faster with plenty of sunlight, but avoid setting them in direct sun. Temperature is also important, the warmer the better to speed things up.For cuttings that are more valuable or difficult, adding a little aquarium pump to oxygenate the water will help a lot. Roots need the extra oxygen to grow well.

Do I really need rooting hormone?

We have a whole article for you on this topic right here.

cutting in water, process of propagating a plant with the germination plate
propagation of a cutting roots in water on a germination plate

My plant cuttings are rotting?

It’s important that the leaves stay dry above the water, to prevent rotting. The perfect tool for the job is a porcelain germination plate. It will keep the leaves dry while the stem takes root, and will make your little floating forest look amazing.

Already a pro at growing plant cuttings?

What’s your next challenge? Here’s lots of ideas for other plants and seeds to try next.

The Art of Water Propagation:

When your cutting has made sufficient new roots, you can repot it in soil, keeping the soil very moist in the beginning. However, we like to keep them in water on their germination plate forever, so we can enjoy the root growth as well as the foliage :-). As long as you give them proper nutrients in the water, they can thrive indefinitely without soil. Propagation is a great way to create lovely gifts for your friends and family, practically for free!

Some other great candidates for these techniques are:
Pilea peperomioides (Chinese Money Plant), Begonias, African Violets, Monstera Deliciosa, Crassula (Jade Plant), Sansevieria (Snake plant) and many more.

You can also propagate succulents and cacti in much the same way, with little variations. Here’s how.

how to do a plant cuttings with scissors

Let us help you take care of your plant cuttings in water with our complete selection of care products:

how to do a plant cuttings with scissors
how to propagate plant cuttings in water

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