Gold Brass Chain – Plant Support for climbing plants

This gold brass chain was designed as a plant support for climbing plants. A uniquely stylish plant accessory for your modern home, here to lend your climbers a helping hand. 


We designed this golden plant support when we couldn’t find one that suited the style of our home. It’s shipped in chic packaging, flat-packed (mailbox proof!) and ready to be assembled to your liking – reaching up to 1m90 high. Create two smaller chains or hang your chain upside down, it’s up to you to work this new item into your home design.


The plant support is made of brass, making it lightweight enough to be pinned to the wall with a push pin. Easily ready for your plant friend to climb! Of course, fastening it with a simple nail or screw is possible too. The chain is fit for indoor and outdoor use thanks to its protective coating.

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Clippy - Wall mounting kit for 5 plant pots

Clippy is our wall mounting kit that will help you create the plant wall of your dreams. Use the set of 5 metal clips to decorate your walls, small balcony or other narrow spaces with plant pots. Your walls will never look boring again. 

Clippy is easy to use. Screw the clip into the wall with the mounting screws (included) and slide your pot onto it. You’ll need a pot with a rim to do so, most classic terracotta pots have one. Clippy is designed to hold pots with a diameter of 18 to 22 cm.

Watch our Clippy video tutorial (in the video tab) for some pointers on attaching your metal wall planter set to different surfaces like wood, plaster or concrete. Also included in the Clippy set: cork plugs to seal your drainage holes when using the wall mounting kit for indoor pots. The cork plugs are suitable for drainage holes with a diameter of ø 17 to 22 mm.

Once mounted, your pots might be slightly tilted forward, so take a moment to check if Clippy is gripping the rim as needed. Adjusting the size is easy: simply use pliers to squeeze the ends of the clip closer together to make it grip a thinner rim.

Set of 4 Golden Plant Stakes - 70cm

Looking for a beautiful trellis? We created four fun plant support designs for your indoor and outdoor plants. These metal plant stakes are modern, stylish and functional additions to your home.

Meet Arch, Pin, Squiqqle and ZigZag, our set of four gold plant stakes. Perfect for in pots that are 30cm (11 in)  high or more. These 70cm (27 in) tall plant stakes need to find their footing in enough soil for best stability. Your larger plants like a monstera will love climbing up these, we’ve even included some plant velcro to help your plants wrap around their supports.

All four designs are made of recycled aluminum and made in Slovenia (the EU). Created for a variety of plants, adding an elegant touch of shine to each of your leafy friends. Fit for indoor and outdoor use.

Are these plant supports too big for your plants? Have a look at our mini plant stakes, available in black or gold.


Support for climbing plants

Climbing plants are always on the move, gently making their way up. To prevent them from getting in the way, it’s best to tell them where to grow. With the gold brass chain trellis, you can give your climbing plants a clear, decorated path upwards – creating a lively plant element in your decor.

Assembling the perfect plant gift

Do you plan on gifting your plant-loving friend this shiny plant support? It might be nice to include a new plant baby. We think this plant trellis looks amazing paired with a flowering vine like a clematis, jasmine or passion fruit. If you prefer something green, how about ivy, pothos or a mini monstera? For outdoors, wisteria, a clematis or a grape vine will be showstoppers.

Our Gold Brass Chain plant support in short:

– Modern design. Let your plants reach for the stars in style.

– Available in a shiny gold brass or matte black brass.

– Versatile as can be. Fit for indoor and outdoor use.

– Designed in the Netherlands, produced in Slovenia.

Good to know

Because of the natural material, the chain can patina over time, giving it a more organic look and blending into the leaves. It can always be easily polished to a shine if preferred. Simply soak the chain in a bath of Cola overnight.

Video – how to assemble

Not sure what to expect when assembling the chain? You can watch a clear instruction video here (in the video tab), showing you step by step how to put the trellis together. You’ll see how to connect the rings and how to use the closure system to attach the hook to hang it.

Additional information

Volumetric Weight 349 g
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 1 cm






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14 reviews for Gold Brass Chain – Plant Support for climbing plants

  1. English

    Dirk (verified owner)

    Top product, ik kon hem op maat maken voor een stukje muur op mijn balcon. ziet er heel tof uit ik laat er een witte clematis op klimmen

  2. English

    Peter (verified owner)


  3. English

    José Haantjes (verified owner)

    Je moet de ketting zelf in elkaar zetten. ik ben niet echt van de knutselprojecten maar het is me wel gelukt met de videouitleg eindresultaat hangt mooi in de woonkamer gewoon met een punaise opgehangen

  4. English

    Sophia Hussain (verified owner)

    Was a little confused when these arrived and I needed to assemble it. But it only took around 10min and was really easy! Now I have a beautiful support for my beautiful plant! and I put it together myself:))))

  5. English

    Abby Elliott (verified owner)

    This support works wonders for my plants! Before, I was using a cheap plastic one and it just wouldn’t support my plants well enough. I bought these ones and not only do they work really well but they look great as well! 💚💚

  6. English

    Nicole Schließmann (verified owner)

    Bin zufrieden. Gold schimmert schön und das Zusammenstecken war machbar.

  7. English

    Jenny Hadley (verified owner)

    Very pretty!

  8. English

    Maren T. (verified owner)

    Klasse, dass man die Größe anpassen kann!

  9. English

    Grace Emsworth (verified owner)

    It works great! Just be aware that you do need to nail into your wall to keep it up right. Other than that these are great!

  10. English

    Eléonore (verified owner)

    J’ai suivi les instructions pour l’assembler et c’est très facile même si je ne suis pas très bricoleuse.

  11. English

    Bettina Walter (verified owner)

    Das Produkt hält was es verspricht! An unserer Hauswand gibt es einige unschöne Stellen, die ich schon seit längerem versuche irgendwie zu verstecken. Gestern habe ich nun mit meinem Mann die Stütze angebracht und unsere Kapuzinerkressen drumgewickelt. Zumindest im Sommer habe ich nun meine Ruhe.

  12. English

    Isabelle (verified owner)

    Ma mini monstera grimpe autour de la treille et ça change vraiment mon salon je suis ravie

  13. English

    raphaelle (verified owner)

    Superbe, très beau contraste sur mon mur vert foncé, effet jungle, mais très classe en même temps

  14. English

    Carlos (verified owner)

    J’en ai mis 3 côte à côte pour faire un mur végétal avec des pothos brazil, résultat magnifique

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Plant Supports and Plant Trellis

Our plant support chain, both the gold and black version, is modular. You can assemble it to your desired length, up to 1,90m (6.23 feet) high.

Our plant support chain is a great match for any trailing plant.

Here are some of our favourites:

Indoors :

Pothos, Monstera "Monkey Mask" (Monstera adansonii), "Mini Monstera" (Rhaphidophora tetrasperma), but also the less common but beautiful Tetrastigma or Cissus Discolor.


Jasmine, Clematis, Passiflora, but also annual varieties such as Morning Glory, Sweet Peas or Nasturtiums. Ivy is also a good choice for a touch of green all year round.

Your options for indoor/outdoor choices might of course be very different based on your climate.

The plant support chains are made of brass, which is a metal that doesn't rust. It's can eventually oxidize, which creates a layer of patina on the surface. You can easily polish the brass back to a shine if you'd like. This shouldn't happen fast though, as the surface of the chain is treated with a protective varnish.

Yes, our plant support chain is suitable to use outdoors too. If your area gets windy, then we advise that you affix the chain to your wall in at least 2 spots to avoid wind damage.

You can hang the plant chain with your choice of a screw, a nail or simply a renter-friendly push pin. If you are hanging plants on the heavier side, then we recommend you attach the chain at several points along the length, to distribute the weight and avoid stretching the chain's rungs.

No. The chain is made of a thin sheet of metal. It's well suited for a variety of smaller trailing plants. We wouldn't recommend it for a very heavy Monstera. 


Instead, here are some of our favourite plants that would be a good fit:

Indoors :

Pothos, Monstera "Monkey Mask" (Monstera adansonii), "Mini Monstera" (Rhaphidophora tetrasperma), but also the less common but beautiful Tetrastigma or Cissus Discolor.


Jasmine, Clematis, Passiflora, but also annual varieties such as Morning Glory, Sweet Peas or Nasturtiums. Ivy is also a good choice for a touch of green all year round.

Your options for indoor/outdoor choices might of course be very different based on your climate.

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