Black Brass Chain – Plant Support for climbing plants

Who knew a plant support could be so stylish? This black brass chain design brings a new level of style and support to your climbing plants. Gold is the new black, so we also have the chain available in a shiny gold finish.  

The design of this modern plant support for climbing plants came from the desire to add style to a functional object. The matt black brass chain is a nice combination of modern style elements, softened by organic shapes.

This item is proof that a trellis doesn’t need to be a large structure. In fact, it’s shipped flat-packed and fits through your mailbox. Assembly consists of linking the rings together and hanging the lightweight brass structure from a wall by using a push pin, screw or nail. You can make the modular chain reach up to 1m90 high.

You can use the black chain both indoors and outdoors thanks to its protective coating, giving you plenty of options to use it exactly the way you like it. This trellis can serve as a minimalistic base, accentuating the flow of the climbing plants covering it.

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Clippy - Wall mounting kit for 5 plant pots

Clippy is our wall mounting kit that will help you create the plant wall of your dreams. Use the set of 5 metal clips to decorate your walls, small balcony or other narrow spaces with plant pots. Your walls will never look boring again. 

Clippy is easy to use. Screw the clip into the wall with the mounting screws (included) and slide your pot onto it. You’ll need a pot with a rim to do so, most classic terracotta pots have one. Clippy is designed to hold pots with a diameter of 18 to 22 cm.

Watch our Clippy video tutorial (in the video tab) for some pointers on attaching your metal wall planter set to different surfaces like wood, plaster or concrete. Also included in the Clippy set: cork plugs to seal your drainage holes when using the wall mounting kit for indoor pots. The cork plugs are suitable for drainage holes with a diameter of ø 17 to 22 mm.

Once mounted, your pots might be slightly tilted forward, so take a moment to check if Clippy is gripping the rim as needed. Adjusting the size is easy: simply use pliers to squeeze the ends of the clip closer together to make it grip a thinner rim.

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Climbing Blooms Seed Mix

This seed mix for climbing flowers is perfect to grow along a trellis, fence, or wall and cover it in beautiful blooms.

The mix contains 3 easy varieties: nasturtiums, sweet peas and morning glory. They can be grown in containers or directly in the ground.

Did you know?

  • Nasturtiums are edible, both the leaves and the flowers. They have a peppery taste resembling rocket.
  • Sweet peas have a lovely sweet smell and are very hardy climbers.
  • Morning glory flowers in the morning (it's in the name!) and has vibrant, velvety petals.

Important : we cannot ship these seeds to countries outside the European Union.

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Great ways to use a trellis

Trellis are versatile. They can be used to cover unsightly details of a house, or add decorative touches. Add a little extra oomph to your space: hang the brass chain up and pair it with the right plant for your needs.  Do you want more green? Traditional climbing plants like green ivy or a mini-monstera will work wonderfully. Love florals? Choose flowering vines like a clematis, jasmine or passion fruit. Recommended outdoor climbers would be wisteria or a grape vine.

Guiding your climbing plants

Climbing plants will always climb, you just need to guide them. Choosing a plant accessory like this black brass design is like lovingly decorating the path of your climbing or hanging plants. It’s pretty tough competing with nature’s beauty, but we think we created a stylish support element for your travelling plants. If you’re looking for something a bit more outspoken, our brass chain is available in shiny gold brass too.

Features of our Black Brass Chain – Plant Support for climbing plants:

  • – Affordable design. Add a little edge to a traditional object.
  • – Space efficient. Vertical plants are perfect for smaller homes.
  • – Modular. Capable of growing higher together with your plants.
  • – Available in matt black brass or a shiny gold brass.

Instruction video

Are you wondering about the assembly part? We have a clear instruction video available here (in the video tab), so you can see what the process is like. It’s as simple as connecting the rings with care, attaching the closure system at the end and adding the little hook to hang your end product.

Additional information

Weight 327 g
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 1 cm


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13 reviews for Black Brass Chain – Plant Support for climbing plants

  1. English

    Mareike Bauer (verified owner)

    Wirkt in dem Schwarz sehr modern und elegant.

  2. English

    mona (verified owner)

    Cooles Produkt

  3. English

    A. Dijkstra (verified owner)

    Ik ben zo trots op mijn groene wand. ik heb er 3 naast elkaar gehangen in de lengte van mijn hal. het is heel compact voor de smalle ruimte en toch mooi groen echt aanrader. een slim product, heb ik nergens anders gezien

  4. English

    Sandra Bilz (verified owner)

    Endlich eine Stütze die etwas größer ist UND sich sehen lassen kann. Danach habe ich sehr lange suchen müssen. 5 Sterne!

  5. English

    Sabine (verified owner)

    Cette treille est excatement ce que je cherchais et a la taille parfaite

  6. English

    Ariella Grant (verified owner)

    My plants love love love these! makes them grow so nicely!

  7. English

    Abby (verified owner)

    Got the black version after having bought the gold one before, and I must say i’m not sure which one I prefer…They both look great!

  8. English

    Kathy V. (verified owner)

    Ik heb dit aan de muur opgehangen voor mijn monstera monkey mask die groeit als een malle bij het raam, erg mooi

  9. English

    Vikki Z. (verified owner)

    Die kleinen Klammern aus Messing sind zur Befestigung zwar sehr praktisch, jedoch habe ich beim Anbringen einen Zweig damit abgebrochen. War nicht Sinn der Sache… ansonsten ganz schön.

  10. English

    Demi (verified owner)

    Didn’t want to use a screw in my wall so instead opted for a thumbtack and it works great! Now my plants can grow nice and tall 🙂

  11. English

    Arianne Artois (verified owner)

    Très élegant et moderne le noir. Le laiton est de très bonne qualité

  12. English

    François (verified owner)

    très beau sur mon mur

  13. English

    Louise R (verified owner)

    beau produit je l’ai divisé en deux pour faire 2 treilles plus petites pour que ça pousse plus en largeur

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