Clippy – Wall mounting kit for 5 plant pots

Clippy is our wall mounting kit that will help you create the plant wall of your dreams. Use the set of 5 metal clips to decorate your walls, small balcony or other narrow spaces with plant pots. Your walls will never look boring again. 

Clippy is easy to use. Screw the clip into the wall with the mounting screws (included) and slide your pot onto it. You’ll need a pot with a rim to do so, most classic terracotta pots have one. Clippy is designed to hold pots with a diameter of 18 to 22 cm.

Watch our Clippy video tutorial (in the video tab) for some pointers on attaching your metal wall planter set to different surfaces like wood, plaster or concrete. Also included in the Clippy set: cork plugs to seal your drainage holes when using the wall mounting kit for indoor pots. The cork plugs are suitable for drainage holes with a diameter of ø 17 to 22 mm.

Once mounted, your pots might be slightly tilted forward, so take a moment to check if Clippy is gripping the rim as needed. Adjusting the size is easy: simply use pliers to squeeze the ends of the clip closer together to make it grip a thinner rim.

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Create your vertical garden

This wall mounting kit is fit for 5 plant pots, so you can really have fun with the lay-out of your wall of plants. Mix and match your pots and plants and play around with their positions on the wall. What does your ideal vertical garden look like? Matching pots? Plants the same size? Are you into symmetry, linear lay-outs or do you want things to look more organic?

Smart decor

Clippy is a smart, space-saving way of decorating your home with the most beautiful foliage. Your wall mounted plant hangers add life to a city balcony without taking up precious floor space, and they offer a fresh way of decorating those white walls with an ever-changing landscape. They’re also great in the garden to spruce up a bland wall or a boring fence.

Trust us, your little army of floating pots will become a unique part of your home that you’ll love.

Features of our Clippy wall mounting kit

  • – Adjustable size. Can be used for a wide range of pots with rims.
  • – Decorative. Create a vertical garden anywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • – Easy to install. Minimal tools needed, video tutorial available (in the video tab).
  • – Easy on & off, you can unmount your pots easily for maintenance.

Additional information

Volumetric Weight 315 g
Dimensions 8,6 × 13,5 × 2,7 cm


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Galvanised Steel

13 reviews for Clippy – Wall mounting kit for 5 plant pots

  1. English

    Zoe Austin (verified owner)

    This product makes it easy to raise your plants off the ground! I’ll finally stop knocking my plants over!

  2. English

    Joey Vestering (verified owner)

    Een geniaal concept ik wou dat ik het zelf bedacht had. Zo simpel maar werkt prachtig. Ik vind die macramee touwknopjes constructies zo lelijk (sorry!). met deze clips krijg ik toch heel veel planten aan de muur en ze zijn bijna onzichtbaar

  3. English

    Fabienne (verified owner)

    Makkelijk op te hangen aan de muur en mooi zwevend effect van de potten

  4. English

    Maria El. (verified owner)

    bin mega happy mit dem Ergebnis. Macht sich super gut mit Hängepflanzen!

  5. English

    Ivy Mortan (verified owner)

    Cool solution to create a green wall. So curious how it’ll turn out

  6. English

    Paige O’connor (verified owner)

    Very pretty! Just a little bit annoying to have to drill these screws into your wall. Would be great if we can somehow find an alternative to that. They do look nice though 🙂

  7. English

    Charles (verified owner)

    ça faisait longtemps que je voulais un mur végétal chez moi mais je ne savais pas comment faire. Clippy est très simple à installer même si on est pas très bricoleur

  8. English

    Natalja J. (verified owner)

    Mit dem richtigen Werkzeug leicht anzubringen. Erzeugt einen tollen Schwebeeffekt.

  9. English

    Juliette N. (verified owner)

    J’avais peur qu’il ne soit pas assez résistant mais en fait je peux accrocher toutes sortes de plantes et ça tient nickel ! C’est vraiment un produit bien conçu

  10. English

    Lily Gibson (verified owner)

    Used these to hang my plants on the backdrop of my podcast room 🙂 So far everyone loves it!

  11. English

    J. Teitsma (verified owner)

    Ik heb ze geschroefd aan de zijkant van een saaie ikea kast (2x rijen van 4) en met pothos planten geplant, ziet er als een groene waterval, ik ben verliefd. Let op, je kunt deze alleen gebruiken met potten die een randje hebben. Ik ben zelf niet echt van de terracotta, maar ik heb leuke kleurijke plastic potten gevonden (elho) die perfect passen in de clips.

  12. English

    Nathalie Petit (verified owner)

    Le rendu est très joli, et le Clippy ne se voit même pas, j’aurais pas pensé qu’il serait autant discret, c’est top

  13. English

    Carla (verified owner)

    Wirklich sehr praktisch. Mein Balkon ist jetzt ein kleiner Dschungel 😀

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Clippy Wall mounting kit

Our Clippy wall mounting kit is suitable for plant pots with a rim. The clip attaches to the edge of the rim, so that's an important requirement.

The diameter of the pot can be 18 to 22 cm. The clip can be adjusted a little to give you a perfect fit on the edge of the pot.

If you want to make use of the cork plugs to close the drainage hole of your pot, the diameter of the hole can be ø 17 to 22 mm.

The pot can be made of several materials, such as terracotta, ceramics, plastic or resin, as long as it has a sturdy rim.

The steel Clippys are very tough and have been tested to carry up to 50kgs.

However, it's very very important that you properly install it in your wall, using suitable anchors based on the material of your wall. A solid brick or concrete wall requires a completely different approach than a hollow wall made of plasterboard.

If you're installing in plasterboard walls, we strongly recommend you screw directly in the studs. If that's not possible, then use heavy-duty wall anchors especially designed for plasterboard.

Yes, Clippy is perfect indoors and outdoors. You can use it to add a little greenery to your fence, patio, or balcony for example.

If you are using the pots where they can get a lot of rainwater, we recommend leaving the cork plug out of the drainage hole. In the drier summer months, you can add the plug again, so you don't have to water your plants as often.

Yes, the Clippys need to be attached with screws to support the heavy weight of your pots. If you can't screw into your walls, it's maybe an option to attach the Clippy to the side of your furniture, like a bookshelf for example.

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