Tiny Camping for your plants

Change into comfy clothes, grab your tent and don’t forget the marshmallows because we’re going camping! Set up your Tiny Camping set in the pot of your favorite plant and stare at the magic until the gold brass shimmers in the moonlight.

Find your moment of peace in the crafty work of assembling these DIY mini accessories. They serve as shiny plant or terrarium accessories. They’ll also be the stage for all your camping fantasies. To give you an idea of the size, the little tent alone is 3 x 3 x 5,2 cm.

The set includes everything you need for a memorable trip. Let’s start with the basics: a tent, a hammock, a coffee-maker, axe and marshmallows. Your binoculars for bird spotting, a canoe to float on the river and a guitar to sing along to. Your cozy campfire might even attract some wildlife: a woodpecker, a bear, 2 deer, a hedgehog, a frog, a fox and a rabbit are included in the set. We’re not sure how big your campground is, you might need to spread these magical brass elements in several pots.

More sets available: Tiny Treehouse and Tiny Birdhouse and more decorative plant accessories for indoor and outdoor use.

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Tiny Treehouse for your plants

Build your tiny treehouse while letting your mind drift to memories of past treehouse adventures. This special DIY craft is a trip down memory lane with the rewarding result of a lovely gold decoration for your houseplants.

Assemble the gold brass elements of this set to build your treehouse and hang it from a branch, we included a tiny rope ladder, so you can reach it. If you’re afraid of heights you can place it at the roots of your plant too, it’s just as cosy to stay close to the ground. Also included in the set are a little swing for daydreaming and mini creatures to keep you company. Raise your hand if you believe building treehouses should be a lifetime habit. Waking up surrounded by green, birds chirping and fresh air blowing through.

These brass garden decorations have a protective coating so they’re fit for indoor and outdoor use. They can develop a lovely patina overtime but you can polish them back to a shine if preferred.

More sets available: Tiny Camping and Tiny Birdhouse and more decorative plant accessories for indoor and outdoor use.

Tiny Birdhouse for your plants

Get playful and decorate your houseplants with this Tiny Birdhouse in gold brass. The perfect mindful craft to make your plants look even more beautiful. 

Life is in the details. We created this beautiful set of brass bird decorations to bring some extra life and whimsy to your plants. There’s something magical about everything tiny. Create little landscapes in your plant pots to add a fun surprise to the observant visitors of your home.

These miniature accessories for your plants are made of brass with a protective coating, fit for indoor and outdoor use. Assembly of all elements will be done by you (video tutorial in the video tab).No glue necessary, but some scissors or a small knife will make things a bit easier. Set aside some time for this rewarding crafty project and have fun creating your tiny birdhouse.

More sets available: Tiny Camping and Tiny Treehouse and more decorative plant accessories for indoor and outdoor use.


Calm and cozy

This DIY kit is your chance to go on an affordable city escape to your destination of dreams. Focusing on the amazingly detailed gold brass mini accessories gives your mind a lovely break from the day-to-day happenings. Have a look at our video tutorial (in the video tab) to prepare before setting the mood for your DIY plant craft. We encourage you to make sure you’re not in a rush, put on some music and invite a friend if you want. Create the scene you need to arrive at your calm and cosy camping destination.

Brilliant brass plant decorations

  • – Can be used indoor and outdoor thanks to its protective coating.
  • – These Tiny Camping items come in compact packaging. A lovely gift to slide into someone’s mailbox.
  • – Bursting with stories. This elaborate set can be used to decorate several pots.

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Volumetric Weight 173 g
Dimensions 15 × 10,4 × 0,3 cm
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11 reviews for Tiny Camping for your plants

  1. English

    Elisa (verified owner)

    J’adore la nouvelle ambiance camping dans mes plantes

  2. English

    Danielle Gill (verified owner)

    Buying these as Christmas gifts for my friends and family! I like combining this one with the Bike set to create little stories and scenes! the only bad thing is that they don’t have more!! 😉

  3. English

    Amalie Meier (verified owner)

    Schönes Ergebnis, aber man muss wirklich aufmerksam der Anleitung folgen. Für Bastelfans bestimmt super.

  4. English

    Laura Woods (verified owner)

    So so cute! I use these for my indoor plants but I just love them so much that I need to get some for my outdoor ones as well!!!

  5. English

    A. Radbacher (verified owner)

    Arrived super fast and it’s so cuuuuuuuute! Will definitely buy more for presents.

  6. English

    Sina B. (verified owner)

    Hier wurde wirklich an alles gedacht! Ich habe das Set auf 3 Töpfe aufgeteilt, weil doch sehr viele verschiedene (auch sehr kleine) Teile enthalten sind. Ein wirklich schöner und auch ungewöhnlicher Akzent im Topf.

  7. English

    amelie (verified owner)

    My cat was very curious about these when I first got them! LOL! They arrived super quickly and really turned out great! They add a little character to all my plants :))

  8. English

    Vianne Hobma (verified owner)

    Wat een gezeligheid met alle diertjes in mijn planten! top is dit. Supermooie verpakking en verzorgd pakketje ontvangen.

  9. English

    christel vogel (verified owner)

    Ein tolles Geschenk !!! Gerne mal wieder !!

  10. English

    éléna martin (verified owner)

    adorable je l’ai mis dans mon terrarium avec des fittonia

  11. English

    Morgane (verified owner)

    commandé pour offrir à ma cousine, j’ai reçu une photo du résultat chez elle, très joli

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