Set of 2 steel S-hooks to hang up your plants

We’ll get your plants hooked on heights!

If you’re hanging up your plants, you’ll probably need one of these little S-shaped hooks. Whether you’re using our Bolty hanging screw or another system of your own choosing, the hooks make it easy to connect to a piece of rope, chain, or ceiling hook, to easily remove your pot when needed.

The set of 2 steel S-hooks are made of galvanized steel wire, with a diameter of 4 mm. The total height of each hook is 45mm (1,77 in) which makes it a perfect fit for the top ring of our Bolty.


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The Good Snips - Bonsai pruning shears

These little bonsai snips are perfect for all kinds of pruning and cutting activities in the garden and around the home.

The sharp blades are made of carbon steel.

  • - Ergonomic handle, fits well in the palm of your hand.
  • - Unique design: the original shapes of the pruning shears stands out. These snips are unlikely to be stolen erm,"borrowed" for other non-gardening activities. Like all your other scissors are. You'll always have them in your plant toolbox.
  • - Accurate: the precision tip of the blades is ideal for pruning leaves, but also for sewing threads and other household cutting needs
  • - Easy to store: very compact design.

Additional information

Volumetric Weight 22 g
Dimensions 5 × 8 × 1 cm

Stainless steel

Country of Origin





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Bolty hanging screw for plant pots

The Bolty hanging screw is compatible with any pot that has a drainage hole of 25mm ø maximum. If your pot doesn't have a hole yet, you can also consider drilling one yourself. The total length of the screw is 24 cm, we recommend you use for pots that are maximum 22cm tall, so the hanging loop doesn't end up buried underneath the soil surface.

The steel Bolty is very tough and has been tested to carry up to 40kgs.

However, it's very very important that you hang it from a hook that can also handle the weight of your pots, and choose a suitable rope or chain to hang it from.

Yes, Bolty is perfect indoors and outdoors. It's made of stainless steel, so it won't rust.

No problem, you can just push your plant on the screw. Sounds scary, but it will be just fine. Here's a little installation video to show you how:

Yes, we recommend using an S hook in the hanging hole of your Bolty, so you can easily take it on and off for watering or other plant maintenance. For example, we like to give our hanging plants a good shower once in a while, to dust them off and ward off any pests issues.

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