Tiny Bike Adventure for your plants

Would you like to step away from your daily routine? Join us on a tiny bike adventure travelling between plants, thoughts and time. These gold brass plant decorations take you away to a different world. 

This unique set of indoor plant decorations is designed to recreate the feeling of freedom when you go exploring. While you bike through your neighbourhood you’ll spot a fence, a bench, a street lamp and a clothesline with some clothes to dry. Four tall plant stems are swaying in the soft breeze and your animal friends come to greet you too. Say hello to the pigeon, hedgehog and woodpecker as you pass by. The street sign reminds you to head to your happy place. What a lovely topic to think about every once in a while.

This pack of miniature garden decor can be used to decorate your plants both inside and outside. The elements are made of brass but have a protective coating. A beautiful patina may develop overtime but you can make it shiny again with a quick clean.

More sets available: Tiny Treehouse and Tiny Birdhouse and more decorative plant accessories for indoor and outdoor use.

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Tiny Birdhouse for your plants

Get playful and decorate your houseplants with this Tiny Birdhouse in gold brass. The perfect mindful craft to make your plants look even more beautiful. 

Life is in the details. We created this beautiful set of brass bird decorations to bring some extra life and whimsy to your plants. There’s something magical about everything tiny. Create little landscapes in your plant pots to add a fun surprise to the observant visitors of your home.

These miniature accessories for your plants are made of brass with a protective coating, fit for indoor and outdoor use. Assembly of all elements will be done by you (video tutorial in the video tab).No glue necessary, but some scissors or a small knife will make things a bit easier. Set aside some time for this rewarding crafty project and have fun creating your tiny birdhouse.

More sets available: Tiny Camping and Tiny Treehouse and more decorative plant accessories for indoor and outdoor use.

Tiny Treehouse for your plants

Build your tiny treehouse while letting your mind drift to memories of past treehouse adventures. This special DIY craft is a trip down memory lane with the rewarding result of a lovely gold decoration for your houseplants.

Assemble the gold brass elements of this set to build your treehouse and hang it from a branch, we included a tiny rope ladder, so you can reach it. If you’re afraid of heights you can place it at the roots of your plant too, it’s just as cosy to stay close to the ground. Also included in the set are a little swing for daydreaming and mini creatures to keep you company. Raise your hand if you believe building treehouses should be a lifetime habit. Waking up surrounded by green, birds chirping and fresh air blowing through.

These brass garden decorations have a protective coating so they’re fit for indoor and outdoor use. They can develop a lovely patina overtime but you can polish them back to a shine if preferred.

More sets available: Tiny Camping and Tiny Birdhouse and more decorative plant accessories for indoor and outdoor use.


Houseplant gifts

This DIY set is a lovely way to gift your busy friends a moment of peace. Surely everyone has at least one houseplant to host this tiny bike adventure?

The set speaks to your personality. A bike adventure may reflect your adventurous side. It might also symbolize your daily moment of wonder and wander in the wind. Where’s your happy place?

We have a detailed video tutorial (in the video tab) showing you how to assemble our tiny bike adventure landscape. Enjoy the journey AND the destination!

Accessories for your plants

– Gold brass. A shiny decoration with protective coating, fit for indoor and outdoor use.

– Elaborate set. This set contains plenty of decor for several plants.

– Tiny is true. The little bike is 4 by 5 cm.

Additional information

Volumetric Weight 173 g
Dimensions 15 × 10,4 × 0,3 cm


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11 reviews for Tiny Bike Adventure for your plants

  1. English

    Victoria King (verified owner)

    Opted to get this set as I love riding my bike and thought I would bring some of that into my home 🙂 Also, the hedgehog is the cutest!

  2. English

    Margaux Ruis (verified owner)

    Trop mignon, j’ai vraiment l’impression de partir à l’aventure à vélo 😂

  3. English

    Aileen Scott (verified owner)

    These sets really bring that extra bit of life to your plants! and when you have as many plants as I do this is great 🙂

  4. English

    Gracie Spencer (verified owner)

    I now own all the sets for my plants! I like to combine them 🙂 I’m a big fan and hope for more…

  5. English

    Matteo (verified owner)

    This is for everyone who likes to be part of the production. The DIY side of the product is a plus for me but need to brought in the equation before purchasing. It isn’t super easy and takes some time. Other than that, very nice

  6. English

    S. Hoendervangers (verified owner)

    Ik had deze voor een vriendin besteld, maar vond het zo leuk dat ik er ook eentje voor mijzelf heb gekocht 4*

  7. English

    M. (verified owner)

    Lustige Idee und sieht auch schön aus, aber das Zusammenbauen hatte ich mir dann doch einfacher vorgestellt…War doch ein ganz schönes Gefummel, was mich einige Zeit gekostet hat.

  8. English

    Octave (verified owner)

    Installation simple et rapide, surtout avec la vidéo

  9. English

    Tjisse (verified owner)

    Heel veel onderdelen in dit setje, superfijn want zo heb ik gelijk heel wat planten leuker gemaakt

  10. English

    Tanja P. (verified owner)

    Total süße Idee!

  11. English

    Marina Seiffert (verified owner)

    War zunächst nicht darauf vorbereitet, dass ein kleines DIY-Projekt werden würde, fand ich aber KLASSE! Konnte super abschalten und hab mich über das Endergebnis total gefreut 🙂

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